Footprints Research

With the app “Footprints Research” and our Mobile Tracking Panel we continuously record the location of the participants. In addition to triangulation via mobile radio and Wifi networks, we also rely on technologies such as geofencing and beacons. The app was designed in such a way that an almost complete and gapless measurement is possible. At the same time it offers an ideal user experience (e.g. easy installation and low battery consumption).

For every participant extensive data on sociodemography and interests is available and can be linked to the results. The app also allows to invite people to surveys, which are triggered during or after the stay at a certain location. The methodology can be used for different areas and questions:
Mobility and tourism research
The Mobile Tracking Panel enables the analysis of tourism behaviour (e.g. holidays at home vs. abroad) or daily mobility (e.g. commuter routes, leisure mobility, use of public transport). In combination with sociodemographic data, it is also possible to for example make statements on visitor structures.
Out of home advertisement research
Based on the location data, we determine the reach of advertising networks and campaigns. In order to analyse the advertising impact, we usually also combine the measurement data with survey data.
Consumer Research
In the area of consumer research, the Mobile Tracking Panel can be used to generate insights along the customer journey. For example, a short satisfaction survey is triggered on the smartphone immediately after leaving a store, or the location data provides information on whether a customer has visited a competing store before or after.